Based test on a poem written around 1200 by the Sufi poet Farid ud-Din Attar and based on the myth and legend of Simurgh, a benevolent mythical bird, equated to the Phoenix.

 Stories of Simurgh can be found in Shahnameh, in Sufi Poetry and Kurdish Folklore. Simurgh is depicted in Iranian art as a winged creature in the shape of a bird, but gigantic enough to carry off an elephant or a whale.

Here, Master Farshchian depicts the story of the Simorgh rising from the ashes and sacrificing herself as she burns while her egg brings new life. The legend says that the phoenix only laid one egg all of her life and she burned as her young took her place.

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Original Artwork Dimensions (in): 32" x 20.0625"  (81.3 cm x 51cm)

Year: 1999

Artwork Type: Professional Digital Prints on selected substrate.

Certificate: Each print comes with a Farshchian Art certificate of authenticity.

These options come ready to hang:
• Framed Fine Art Prints are professionally done with a 3/4" flat black frame.
• Metal Prints come with a 1.5" stand-out mount and slightly rounded corners.
• Canvas Gallery Wraps come with a 1.5" solid-color edge on all sides.

Last Breath of the Phoenix

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